The Holy Spirit has made Dave Jackson a steward of gifts that uniquely help leaders listen to God, particularly in life’s rough patches.   Dave has a straight up yet direct way of asking the kind of questions that result in clarity.   And when those leaders are pastors, their newfound clarity often leads to clear ways forward for churches wanting to do Jesus’ mission more effectively.  Dave is good for leaders and the church!

- Ron Toews, DMin - Transitional Pastor, Former L2L Director

“During a time of transition between lead pastors I had the privilege to work with Dave in leading our church through a time of missional transformation and clarity. With a gentle coaching spirit, Dave encouraged our Body to embrace who and what we already were, while challenging us to not let our history negatively shape our future, but rather create an opportunity for reconciliation within ourselves and a new vision for what God was calling us into… From a church that was beginning to descend the side of the life cycle of a church which leads to maintenance and potential closure, this revisioning process brought not just life back into our Body, but an intentionality which quickly saw realized growth of discipleship and new believers…”
- Paul Zalinko - Interim Lead, Prince Rupert Baptist Church

“No one is better at being able to help leaders discover God's unique work in their lives, and at helping the churches they lead to move into the future together, than Dave Jackson. Having partnered with him for twenty years, Dave's coaching and discernment help is who I would turn to in a time of transition, and if I found myself at a ministry crossroads.”
- Terry Walling - President, Leader Breakthru

"Dave Jackson creates safe environments that empower leaders and churches to listen to God, discern their next steps, and move forward with renewed hope and confidence in God. Dave’s transparency about his own life lends credibility to what he does. He embodies the processes he makes available to others.”
- Daniel Beutler - L2L Associate and Pastor

“Dave Jackson has offered our mission agency a vital service of helping us to listen to God unto clarity of calling and best ministry contribution.  We have called on him regularly both for new missionaries in training as well as seasoned workers in the “second half.”  Personally, Dave has served me as a gentle shepherd, a wise coach, and a faithful friend.  I heartily commend him for his integrity, sensitivity to God’s voice, and love for the local Church.”
- Victor Wiens - Coach, Mission Capacity Building, MB Mission

“Dave Jackson, in humble service to Christ, has helped numerous churches (including ours) forgive, find healing, discover vision, and experience revitalization. Dave is a man of godly character, a loving husband and father, and has a long track record of faithful ministry.
Jesus loves His Bride, the Church, and one of the many ways He shows it is through providing people like Dave who God has seen fit to use time and time again to help local churches across Canada grow in health and Kingdom usefulness.”
- Matt Shantz - Lead Pastor, Central Community Church

“Dave’s experience and gifting enable him to uniquely help churches, organizations, and individuals to gain clarity in their calling and to move in that calling with enthusiasm.
Dave’s wisdom and insight have helped my church in the refocusing process, my personal ministry through the Apex process, and the seniors in our church through Resonance.
He has also served as a willing coach and guide in life and ministry transitions.
Dave’s ability to connect the dots of life experience, calling, and strategy for purposeful future are invaluable.”
- Dr. Ingrid Reichard - Pastor of Development, Glencairn Church