Resourcing Pastoral Transitions

Transitional Pastor/Coach

We see transitional pastors as more effective than interim pastors.  The latter tend to come in and hold things together until a new pastor comes. Transitional leaders, on the other hand, give energy to 8 goals so that a congregation experiences the full benefit of a pastoral change and takes advantage of the opportunity. Here are the eight objectives:

  1. Closure. Congregations need to deal with the past in such a way that it doesn’t hinder or restrict what God is wanting to do in the future.  We help people deal with their grief, loss and possible disagreements as well encourage them celebrate the past and learn to let go in a healthy way so they can move on.
  2. Relevant Preaching.  During a pastoral transition, a congregation needs preaching that goes beyond pulpit supply to providing messages from God designed with this congregation in mind. We provide this.
  3. Short Term Administration. We ensure that the management function is being looked after.
  4. Pastoral Care. During a transition, a congregation needs a leader to ensure that people are cared for even if we do not fulfill that function.
  5. Relational Renewal. Relationship renewal refers to the connections of the congregation with God and with other members of the body.  We work to renew, restore and revive any weak or poorly functioning connections.
  6. Vision Renewal. Since healthy churches have a vision and an action plan to bring it into reality, a time of transition can be a time for the whole congregation to listen and discern what God is saying to them. We help you see where God is leading so that your next pastor can be the kind of leader that fits.
  7. Structural renewal. If the structures of a church are mismatched or in need of review, a time of transition is an excellent time to renew them for the purpose of achieving their mission.
  8. Pastoral Search. There’s no denying that God has a specific leader for every church that is listening and responding to Him. We coach you in discerning that leader.

If you are interested in Transitional Leadership we usually come for 6, 12, or 18 months. Why those numbers? If churches are told that a transitional may stay for 18 months, the church typically gets down to action in the last 6 months, which is why we work with 6 month increments.  We help a church to be action oriented.

The length of time is entirely dependent on how nimble, self-aware and honest the church is.  We write action-oriented contracts that help the church's leaders to be fully aware as to how the church is progressing in the 8 objectives.  If at 5 months the objectives are not yet realized, we invite a second 6 month contract.  And if at 11 months the objectives are not yet realized, we invite a third 6 month contract.  We do not encourage churches to go beyond 3 six-month contracts.

In terms of remuneration, we advise the church to remunerate at a rate of 110% of the previous pastors salary. We advise this amount for two reasons: (1) We have taken additional training to qualify us for God’s calling in this area; (2) We are out of work every 6, 12, or 18 months, yet have ongoing health care, insurance, etc costs.  (A third reason could be added: churches sometimes work harder at change processes if they know they are paying more for it.)


Call, email or text us.  We are here to walk with you in the transitions.  Never waste a great opportunity!  Initial Conversations are always free.


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